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Featured Artists

Bigger 1 - King’s Dream

Childsway x Introducing LP - Hustle Hard

Jerms - WWJD

Haylo da G.O.D. - Breadcrumbs

Pound Wallace - 22nd St

Imam T.H.U.G. - Queensmatic

Hoodz da Don - Living My Life

Featured Shows

The Infamous: Many Hats

*New episodes Monday nights and replaying Tuesday mornings.The Infamous: Many Hats "SHOW" (not a fu💥💥kin' Podcast) is here to keep it 💯 on the weeks top and wildest news from Current Events, Sports, Pop-Culture, entertainment and Music.

The WRR Podcast

*New episodes Wednesday nights and replaying Thursday mornings.The WRR(What's Really Really) Podcast hosted by Joe Sabes is a fresh take on current laws and social issues affecting the urban community done with his own Hip-Hop twist

PhatFlavaz Radio Hip-Hop Mix

*New episodes Friday nights and replaying Weekdays at Noon & 3pm.PhatFlavaz Radio Podcast Mix: The home for New Underground & Main Stream Hip Hop. Hosted by Cise of Cise TV, Our mission is to preserve the very essence of Hip Hop from yesteryears til now. Our slogan is "Less Gossip & More Hip Hop!"

Real Right Review

*New episodes Thursday nights and replaying Friday mornings.The show telling the viewers and listeners the real! No sugar coating, no politics involved. If it ain't Real, it ain't Right!

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